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5 Creative Things to do with Popsicle Sticks

Looking for fun DIY projects at little cost? Well, once you are done enjoying your favorite tasty treats from our pop shop on college, or our Revolution Artisan Pops Factory at Revolution Market, here are 5 crafts that you can easily do with the leftover popsicle sticks:

1) Create a photo frame

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins Popsicles picture frame

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

This DIY project is super simple, but allows you to express your creativity. You can choose any shape for your frame (square, circle, star, etc.) and paint it however you would like. Other designs include additional decorations such as jewels or stickers. The possibilities are endless! Here’s a great link with instructions and more design inspiration.

2) Design a birdhouse

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins Popsicles birdhouse

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

This project is going to test your inner architectural skills. Once you have saved up enough popsicle sticks, you will glue the individual sticks together in the style of a house (we recommend using super glue to ensure the longevity of your design). The size of the house is entirely up to your disclosure, but make sure the house contains a floor, at least three walls, and a roof. If you are looking to get extra creative, you can even design a small crate to hold birdseed for your feathered friends. Although this project will definitely take some time (plus a lot of popsicle sticks), the results will be worth it when you have your own unique birdhouse. Here’s a link to instructions!

3) Create drink coasters

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins Popsicles popsicle stick coasters

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Sick of seeing those water stains on all of your tables? Then this is the perfect DIY project for you! Simply arrange the popsicle sticks according to your design, glue them together, and voila! You have the perfect coaster for your beverages. If you want to go above and beyond, you can etch a design of your choosing into the coaster, but here’s instructions for a basic version!

4) Design a personalized bookmark

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins Popsicles bookmark

Picture courtesy of Syaz Cards

Instead of “dog-earring” the pages of your favorite books to save your place, why not try creating a bookmark? This requires only ONE popsicle stick. Express your creativity in designing your personalized bookmark; you can even glue a feather to the top of the stick to add an additional flare)! This DIY project can also make the perfect gift! Show your family and friends how much you love them by taking the time to decorate and personalize their very own bookmark. The possibilities for the design on this project are endless- here’s another variety!

5) Create your own ornaments

Revolution Artisan Pops Fort Collins Popsicles DIY ornaments

Picture courtesy of Creative Me

This project is perfect for the holiday season, but can also be fun to do year round! Simply create an ornament in the shape and style that you want and attach a string or ribbon. Once you are finished, find the perfect place to hang your new decoration (doorknob, patio, etc). Save your sticks now and start gearing up for December! Making the ornaments in the picture is pretty easy- if you feel like kicking it up a notch, try these popsicle stick Christmas trees or popsicle stick sled ornaments!

These projects are kid friendly, so don’t forget to have your little ones help you out, and if you try any of these crafts, let us know how they go- we would love to see your handiwork!

*Additional recommended items: super glue, paint, jewels, ribbon, string, tape, feathers

Revolution Artisan Pops Fruit Collective popsicles fort collins

Your nearly-expired fruit can help others! The First Annual Fruit Collective

Hate it when fruit goes bad? Have a surplus of produce at your house? Just want to support a great cause? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the event for you!

Revolution Artisan Pops 1st Annual Fruit Collective popsicles fort collins


On July 22nd, 2017 we are hosting the first annual “Fruit Collective” benefiting the Food Bank for Larimer County. Members of the community can bring excess fruit from their gardens and farms so that we can produce fun pop flavors, and preserve that fruit for an extra six months, as too much fruit is lost each year due to spoilage. With this event we hope to bring awareness to the farming community who can use us as an outlet for excess fruit while working to raise funds and make great food! All ice pops made from donated fruit will be donated directly to the food bank! Live music will begin at 11:30 am with Cody Jeffryes! We will also have raffles and other FUNdraising activities to raise money for the FBLC, including a silent auction featuring fantastic items from other local businesses such as Blue Harvest Apparel, Mary’s Mountain Cookies, The Cupboard, and Curiosities.

Stay tuned for updates on live music + food and drink tastings! We’ll be set up in the parking lot directly in front of Revolution Market in Old Town, and plenty of parking is available across the street at the First Bank Lot. We hope to see you there with lots of fruit!

Fort Collins Popsicles Revolution Artisan Pops

Healthy but Tasty

Picture this: It’s after dinnertime, you have just had an amazing meal, and now you are looking for a sweet treat to top it off. But, you also don’t want to let that workout you did 3 hours ago go to waste. Well look no further than Revolution Artisan Pops! Although other desserts, such as ice cream and cake, are delicious, they are not desserts that you want to be eating every night. However, our popsicles are natural and handmade with no dyes, refined sugars, or preservatives, making them the perfect, healthier go-to treat when you are craving something yummy.

Let’s look at the nutrition facts of our pops compared to other various desserts. One piece of chocolate cake contains a whopping 352 calories, 299 mg of sodium, and 51 g of carbohydrates. However, if you substitute our Nuance Dark Chocolate pop, containing 168 calories, 62 mg of sodium, and 8 g of carbohydrates, you will get the same mouthwatering chocolate-y flavor with much less nutritional guilt. Craving something fruity instead? Then give our Raspberry Hibiscus pop a try! This delicious summer flavor contains no fat OR cholesterol. Compared to Black Raspberry Ice Cream, which has 8 g of fat and 30 mg of cholesterol, you are getting a much healthier (and tastier) deal.

The Nuance Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Hibiscus pops are just two out of the 30+ flavors we have created at Revolution Artisan Pops – we have options for everyone! We strive to make our popsicles as healthy as possible so that you can treat your taste buds without being concerned about lapsing into a carbs/sugar high. All of our handmade flavors present the same satisfying taste as traditional desserts, but prove to be the healthier option. We also support other Colorado businesses by using as many local ingredients as possible- the Nuance Dark Chocolate uses cocoa powder from Fort Collin’s finest chocolatier, and the Raspberry Hibiscus uses tea from Happy Lucky’s Tea House! So next time you are craving a flavorsome snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than Revolution Artisan Pops, located at 208 S College Ave. Believe us; you will not be disappointed!

Revolution Artisan Pops- Sara Chaudhary

We’re Hiring Interns!

Want to work for the coolest company in Fort Collins?

We are gearing up for some super fun and exciting things, from opening up Revolution Market to planning for vending at festivals! To help us get through a jam-packed summer, we are looking for some awesome marketing interns!

Revolution Artisan Pops- Sara Chaudhary

Our Marketing Director, Sara, started with us as an intern last March!

Our interns would help us accomplish our company objectives of increasing our brand recognition in Fort Collins, forming good relationships with our customers, and creating a distribution infrastructure as our company expands into wholesale opportunities.  This internship is a great opportunity to gain hands on experience with a local company and really develop marketing skills in multiple different areas of the field. You’ll also get to see first-hand the ins and outs of running a small business. You’ll also see the impact that your work has and really make a contribution to the organization- it’s not just getting coffee for people. There’s also a very strong opportunity for advancement- the current Marketing Director started as an intern not long ago!

Our interns would primarily be asked to:

  • Create content for social media accounts
  • Maintain company Twitter account
  • Create graphics as needed
  • Help promote business through demos
  • Be a vendor at promotional events
  • Assist in paid social media marketing
  • Research marketing opportunities for the company
  • Help establish a company presence

These will be the main duties, but other tasks and opportunities may arise for our interns. For more info, check out Marketing Intern Info Sheet- Summer 17 info sheet!

If interested, send a resume to Sara at!

PS- this internship is unpaid, but college credit is available! We are also hiring paid employees to work at events over the summer- email if you’re interested in one of those positions!

Our new bench!

We’re very excited to finally have some seating area outside our store, and our new pop-stick bench is perfect!

Revolution Artisan Pops benchThe new bench was actually made by one of our owner’s family members! It’s a great spot to feed a furry friend, or to just hang out with your less-furry friends:

Revolution Artisan Pops BenchCome by soon, grab a pop, and take a seat!

Check us out in Source!

Colorado State Source posted a feature on us- check it out! We’re so proud to be rams!

Revolution Artisan Pops featured in Source

You say you want a revolution… of popsicles

Fort Collins Brewers Olympics beer cup

Brewer’s Olympics- yay beer!

Last weekend, we served pops during the Fort Collins Beer Week Brewers Olympics! It was so much fun to watch the different breweries compete in the various events, which ranged from tug of war to a stylish entrance competition.

The obstacle course was a lot of fun to watch (you can see our tent in the background):

Fort Collins Beer Week Obstacle Course

Photo Cred: Fort Collins Beer Week

We had a blast serving up tasty pops, watching the competition, and of course, drinking some beer. We even got to take home some of these cool cups!

Fort Collins Brewers Olympics beer cup

Photo Cred: Fort Collins Beer Week

We can’t wait for the next beer-related event we attend!

If you want to check out the rest of Beer Week, there’s still time to get in on the fun! Check out the Fort Collins Beer Week Schedule for a full list of events!

-The Revolution Artisan Pops Team



FoCo F.R.E.S.H.- our first farm supplier!

We are so excited to announce that we are getting the rhubarb for our Rhubarb Jasmine pop from FoCo F.R.E.S.H.! This is super cool because not only do we get to work with another local business, but this is the first time we’ve been able to work with a real farm for our produce, which has been a goal of ours from the very beginning. Plus, the folks at FoCo F.R.E.S.H. are awesome!

Revolution Artisan Pops and FoCo FRESH

Owners Rebecca and Jarod in the rhubarb field we’ll be getting rhubarb from!

FoCo F.R.E.S.H. stands for Fort Collins’ Families Respecting Environmental Synergies at Home. They aim to work with mother nature by using bio-dynamic, permaculture, and sustainable growing methods. FoCo F.R.E.S.H. has small gardens, but they also raise animals, including chickens, bees, and pigs.

In addition to providing ingredients for businesses like us, FoCo F.R.E.S.H. also has a roadside stand where anyone can buy their fantastic products! Check out their roadside stand at 2225 W. Vine Dr, open from 7am-7pm May 15th through October 15th.

FoCo FRESH Roadside Stand

We’re so happy about this partnership- come in and try one of our Rhubarb Jasmine pops to really get a taste of Fort Collins produce!

Fiesta! Chef Challenge for Children

This Saturday, we’re super excited to be hosting Sunchoke Fine Dining at the second annual Chef Challenge for Children, a fundraiser benefiting La Familia Center in Fort Collins!

Revolution Artisan Pops La Familia Fiesta Chef Challenge for Children

If you’ve never head of the event before, it’s pretty cool: Chefs will create unique dishes that people sample as they travel through Old Town, Fort Collins. People vote on the dishes they like best, and later, the winning chefs are announced at an awesome party with live music, auctions, and dancing! Best part is that the event is to benefit the La Familia Center, which is a multicultural, bilingual early childhood center dedicating to helping all families.

So if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, swing by our store and try Sunchoke dining’s dish along with your favorite pop!

Pop dates

If you’re looking for a romantic, easy, inexpensive date idea, have a pop date! Best part is, you get to try two flavors- even if your date doesn’t want you to.

The artisan pops shown here are the new Rhubarb Jasmine and the Cucumber Lime, both great options for summer! The Rhubarb is made with fresh rhubarb, which is just starting to come into season in Colorado! The Cucumber Lime is super refreshing, it kind of makes you feel like you’re at the spa. Stop by and try both of these summer favorites with your pop date!