Fort Collins Popsicles Revolution Artisan Pops

Healthy but Tasty

Picture this: It’s after dinnertime, you have just had an amazing meal, and now you are looking for a sweet treat to top it off. But, you also don’t want to let that workout you did 3 hours ago go to waste. Well look no further than Revolution Artisan Pops! Although other desserts, such as ice cream and cake, are delicious, they are not desserts that you want to be eating every night. However, our popsicles are natural and handmade with no dyes, refined sugars, or preservatives, making them the perfect, healthier go-to treat when you are craving something yummy.

Let’s look at the nutrition facts of our pops compared to other various desserts. One piece of chocolate cake contains a whopping 352 calories, 299 mg of sodium, and 51 g of carbohydrates. However, if you substitute our Nuance Dark Chocolate pop, containing 168 calories, 62 mg of sodium, and 8 g of carbohydrates, you will get the same mouthwatering chocolate-y flavor with much less nutritional guilt. Craving something fruity instead? Then give our Raspberry Hibiscus pop a try! This delicious summer flavor contains no fat OR cholesterol. Compared to Black Raspberry Ice Cream, which has 8 g of fat and 30 mg of cholesterol, you are getting a much healthier (and tastier) deal.

The Nuance Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Hibiscus pops are just two out of the 30+ flavors we have created at Revolution Artisan Pops – we have options for everyone! We strive to make our popsicles as healthy as possible so that you can treat your taste buds without being concerned about lapsing into a carbs/sugar high. All of our handmade flavors present the same satisfying taste as traditional desserts, but prove to be the healthier option. We also support other Colorado businesses by using as many local ingredients as possible- the Nuance Dark Chocolate uses cocoa powder from Fort Collin’s finest chocolatier, and the Raspberry Hibiscus uses tea from Happy Lucky’s Tea House! So next time you are craving a flavorsome snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further than Revolution Artisan Pops, located at 208 S College Ave. Believe us; you will not be disappointed!

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