Pop Menu

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Fruity Pops- $3.25

Creamy Pops- $3.25

Straight Up Strawberry

A classic! Fresh organic strawberries with the tiniest hint of lemon.

Bindle‘s Coffee & Sweet Cream

Bindle Coffee’s espresso with delicious Morning Fresh Dairy cream. Coffee buzz!!

Raspberry Hibiscus

Made with Organic Hibiscus tea and fresh tart raspberries.

Nuance Dark Chocolate

Incredibly rich, creamy, and made with cocoa from Fort Collins’s finest chocolatier, this pop is sure to please chocolate connoisseurs and little ones alike!

Lemon and Ginger

Tart sweet and full of flavor, Lemon and Ginger is perfect for summertime! Grab one today and feel the lemony goodness!

Strawberries and Cream

Can’t decide between fruity and creamy? This is the pop for you! Sweet, fresh strawberries meet smooth Morning Fresh Dairy cream.

Sour Raspberry

This pops pairs sweet raspberries with tart lemon juice for a slightly sour, super flavorful, very pink pop!

Orange Dreamsicle

Fresh squeezed orange juice, orange zest, Morning Fresh Dairy cream, and a hint of vanilla- you’ll be dreaming about this pop for sure!

 Watermelon Lime

Juicy watermelon and freshly squeezed lime juice pair for a delicious, refreshing pop of summer flavor!

Pupsicles- $2.50

A cool treat for your furry friend to eat! Our pupsicles are made with beef broth, peanut butter, and a milk bone “stick”!

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram for special flavors, and call for pop availability! Our pops may be temporarily unavailable due to fluctuations in demand.